Our mission is to enable access to information.

We've come a long way building AI products that have had a huge impact on our users and we're delighted to bring you the next phase of our mission journey.

It's obvious that speech is the next phase of human-computer interaction which is why we're excited about what we're building.

On Feb. 23, 2024, we will be launching Spitch, a tool for developers to perform speech-in, speech-out translation, especially for low-resource languages.
Imagine you could translate speech from Swahili to French in real-time, what will you build?

Our goal is to make Spitch a universal language translator, starting from some popular languages and working very quickly towards low-resource languages.

There are multiple use-cases for a universal translator from trading to entertainment and we're excited to bring this to you.

This was made possible, thanks to our partners like Microsoft.

Our Approach

With our team of experts, we're doing extensive research on speech technologies and natural language, with the goal to create the best translator on the market.

  • Modularity: Internally, our models are architected with reusable components.
    This means that different speech functions can be targetted separately and combined to give you the desired results.
    This allows us to build our models with a lot less resources than the current state-of-the-art while performing significanlty better.

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